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Make sure to have .NET Framework 3.5 installed, along with SQL Server Management Studio. Beta v 0.5 support 2008 R2, and should work with other versions of SQL Server but has not been tested.
Simply run the setup program and restart SQL Server Management Studio.

Right-click Menu


All Cubes / All Dimensions
  • Scripts an XMLA task to Process Full on all cubes or dimensions.
Cubes... / Dimensions...
  • Brings up the processing details window to select multiple cubes / dimensions to process.

Processing Details Window

  • A - Select All / None
  • B - Checkbox to select / deselect each dimension / cube
  • C - Dropbox to change process type for each dimension / cube
  • D/E - Dropdown and button to apply a processing type to all selected rows.
  • F - Process button to generate XMLA script

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